Medi+ Revive Skin Ritual


Consultation is recommended before ordering if you're a first time buyer

Description: The perfect ritual if you have ageing or sun damaged skin.

Products included:

  • Glyco wash £30.00
  • Radiate 20 £45.00
  • Hydro Serum £40.00
  • Shield 50 £38.00
  • DermaCleanse £27.00
  • Replenish £28.00
  • Retin A Plus £56.00

Morning Routine:

Glyco wash – Massage onto dry skin and allow a few minutes for it to get to work, rinse with warm water and pat dry.
Radiate 20 – Apply once a day after cleansing
Hydro Serum – Apply once a day once after the Radiate 20 has been fully absorbed
Shield 50+ – Apply liberally once all serums have been absorbed

Night-time Routine:

DermaCleanse – Apply 2 pumps with a few drops of water to foam.
Replenish+ – Apply liberally to face and neck after cleansing.
RetinA Plus – Apply to clean skin at night. It I important to use Shield 50+ when using a retinol cream as it can increase skins sensitivity to sun

The Exfoliating Scrub can also be used alongside this ritual 1-2 times weekly. Please add it to your basket separately.